Friday, January 20, 2017

Billy Jack

Billy Jack
Antonio G. Pereira © 2017 Antonio G. Pereira

        Tom Laughlin was one hell of an Actor and Filmmaker. He made the films, 'Billy Jack' (the mysterious and mystical Native American Vietnam Veteran protector of a very progressive Freedom School, based in the southwestern United States), 'The Trial of Billy Jack' (the explosively powerful sequel to Billy Jack), 'The Master Gunfighter' (a standout, highly unusual Western, filmed with exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous Cinematography); and finally 'Billy Jack Goes To Washington' (made in the aftermath of Watergate, and which had great difficulty being released to movie theatres, at the time). There is a Box Set of the Complete Billy Jack Films. 'The Master Gunfighter', you can find on a separate DVD. All of these films are required viewing for Historians and Film Students, who want to be educated about what went on in this country, back in the Post '60s/1970s era. Very powerful and moving. Especially 'The Trial of Billy Jack'. Tom Laughlin did this country a great favour. A Patriot if there ever was one!

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