Friday, January 20, 2017

Billy Jack

Billy Jack
Antonio G. Pereira © 2017 Antonio G. Pereira

        Tom Laughlin was one hell of an Actor and Filmmaker. He made the films, 'Billy Jack' (the mysterious and mystical Native American Vietnam Veteran protector of a very progressive Freedom School, based in the southwestern United States), 'The Trial of Billy Jack' (the explosively powerful sequel to Billy Jack), 'The Master Gunfighter' (a standout, highly unusual Western, filmed with exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous Cinematography); and finally 'Billy Jack Goes To Washington' (made in the aftermath of Watergate, and which had great difficulty being released to movie theatres, at the time). There is a Box Set of the Complete Billy Jack Films. 'The Master Gunfighter', you can find on a separate DVD. All of these films are required viewing for Historians and Film Students, who want to be educated about what went on in this country, back in the Post '60s/1970s era. Very powerful and moving. Especially 'The Trial of Billy Jack'. Tom Laughlin did this country a great favour. A Patriot if there ever was one!

Go to The Internet Archive:  Type  into The Wayback Machine. Then choose 2006.

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Beatles Monthly Book Archive

The Beatles Monthly Book Archive
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

        Well, Well, Well, after all this time, The Beatles Monthly Book Archive   is finally going to be made available to everyone.

To go directly to the Archive: Go to the Internet Archive Then type  into the Wayback Machine. Then choose 2016.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Day We Said Farewell To Ali

The Day We Said Farewell To Ali
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

The day we said farewell to Muhammad Ali

I'll never forget

For the rest of my life

At the end of the service

On that stage

There were Representatives of every Continent,

Religion and Country on this Planet

Who stood up at that moment

And brothers and sisters....


Generated at that moment in History

Something the likes of which....

I don't know if we'll ever

Bear Witness to, again

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Drama Book Shop

The Drama Book Shop
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

        The Drama Book Shop {a wonderful Book Store here in the city} graciously posted my review of Victor Spinetti's autobiography {which I purchased there many years ago} on their website. This is a Book Store from the old school, where you can spend all day and come back for more the next day!

And as this is John Lennon's birthday, a perfect day to post this!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sharing A Joke With Frank

Sharing A Joke With Frank
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

                                                     Nov. 2nd, 2001

Sharing a joke with Frank
at some little table
in a cafe (Is this France?)

Laughing uproariously
Gail is sitting next to him
Some joke or little phrase
one of us gave the Punch Line to
And every couple of seconds
after we thought about it again
helpless laughter

The liquid refreshment flows
and we're still laughing
at that stupid Punch Line!
My God
I'll never forget this evening (you folks are so much fun) and you.

Monday, July 11, 2016

George Martin, In Celebration

George Martin, In Celebration
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

For a life well lived. Just to review:

        To access a very rare discussion that was conducted during The Beatles Anthology Sessions, Go to The Internet Archive Type into the Wayback Machine. Then choose 2008.
        After reading the interview/discussion, you can access the Gobnotch Homepage on the bottom left hand side of the page, where you can access the Complete History of The Beatles Anthology Sessions; from it's beginnings to conclusion.
        Besides his wonderful work with The Beatles, an exceptionally beautiful album George Martin produced and performed on, with Cleo Laine and Johnny Dankworth was, 'Born On A Friday' which includes deeply moving versions of Ralph McTell's, 'Streets Of London' and Randy Newman's, 'I Think It's Gonna Rain Today'.

George Martin's work has aged well, like a fine wine. His final gift to us all. You can savor it for a lifetime....

Friday, May 20, 2016

Photograph by Ringo Starr

Photograph by Ringo Starr
Antonio G. Pereira © 2016 Antonio G. Pereira

        Photograph by Ringo Starr.

        What immediately grabs your attention about 'Photograph', is it's exquisitely beautiful design. Ringo has put this book together as a photographic diary of his life. His prose throughout the pages, is very informative, poignant and funny.

        Three things that are very obvious from the childhood pictures of Richard Starkey ('Richie', as his relations affectionately called him), that make up the beginning of the book; (1) he was really loved by his family, (2) there was something special about him, and (3) when you see Richie with his friends, you can feel the warmth.

        The photographs of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes (the very popular Liverpool group Ringo was in before The Beatles) are quite extraordinary. They were an exciting band to see in concert! And we see every stage of The Beatles' career up until Rishikesh and the beginning of the white album (during the recording of which) Ringo felt he was unwanted in the band anymore (which of course was not true) and he came back to a warm welcome from John, Paul and George. This was also when he began to branch off into films, on his own; starting with 'Candy'. He talks about all of these things, and it makes fascinating reading.

        Ringo Starr is quite a remarkable and exceptional photographer. (I first noticed Ringo's talent as a photographer, when I saw his photographic portraitures of John, George and himself with their wives and children, and Paul with Jane Asher, in Hunter Davies' 1968 biography, 'The Beatles'. There is also Ringo's post-Beatles furniture design business, 'Ringo Or Robin Limited', which also showcased another facet of his talent, crafting and building beautifully original housewares and furnishings; which was mentioned (along with pictures of some examples of the furniture) in the book, 'The Beatles Forever' by Nicholas Schaffner.) Most of the photo prints in 'Photograph' are really beautiful, as we see his eye for catching moments that make you smile. Besides The Beatles and their families, there are also pictures of Brian Epstein, George Martin, Murray The K, Alfred G. Aronowitz, Phil Spector, Richard Lester, Wilfred Brambell, Norman Rossington, John Junkin, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, Peter Sellers (and just people that Ringo came in contact with, whom he wanted to remember); as well as Marc Bolan, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Billy Preston, Carl Perkins, Eric Clapton and many more.

        This is a wonderful book, that you'll really enjoy reading, and treasure for a long, long time. Good Work Ringo! Most Highly Recommended.

        Now, if I heard Ringo correctly in his enjoyable two part interview on Tavis Smiley, he's talking to the other Beatles' families about putting a book together containing photographs that were taken by each member of the group during their heyday (John, Paul, George and Ringo were all camera buffs, as you can see from some of the photographs in the book!); and I'm looking forward to THAT ONE!