Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fatwa & Michael Clayton

Fatwa & Michael Clayton
Antonio G. Pereira © 2014 Antonio G. Pereira

        Fatwa is a thought provoking and very disturbing film by John Carter and Scott Schafer. The story, which takes place in post World Trade Center 9/11 America, focuses on how power on both sides (Islam and the West), headed by people who are not only blindly corrupt but dangerously ignorant, can lead people on to do things which are morally reprehensible; that in turn, have long term consequences that affect other people's lives. Superb acting by Lauren Holly, Roger Guenveur Smith and the cast, in an unforgettable film that should be seen worldwide.
        Michael Clayton (played to a tee by George Clooney) is a liaison/fixer (in this film by the late Sydney Pollack {also in a co-starring role}), who works for a very powerful New York Law Firm. The story centers on Michael Clayton slowly uncovering that the murder of a friend, lawyer, and colleague at the firm, who after six years of representing a case for a client of the patnership, (which has been a company involved in toxic waste that has been killing people), decided in the midst of burning out and having a nervous breakdown, that he could no longer go along with the consortium's position; and decided to expose the entire situation. As Michael begins peeling back the layers of this intricate story, he realizes that now 'his' life is in danger too. But 'where' is this coming from? And 'who' has given the order? One hell of a film with a riveting ending and a calming fade out, that speaks crescendos about resiliency in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.