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A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year/An Internet Music Site Collection

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year/An Internet Music Site Collection
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The Complete Apple Records Catalog

This is it! A detailed site documenting every record released by The Beatles as a group and individually, and by every artist that was signed to Apple Records. From Mary Hopkin to Jackie Lomax, The Modern Jazz Quartet, James Taylor, Badfinger (originally The Iveys), The Black Dyke Mills Band, Billy Preston, The Radha Krishna Temple, John Tavener, Doris Troy,The Hot Chocolate Band etc... http://www.schomakers.com

The Beatles Photo Sessions

A portfolio of Beatles Photo Sessions up to and including the final Tittenhurst Park Sessions (some of which ended up as the front and back cover of the Allen Klein singles compilation LP, 'Hey Jude' aka 'The Beatles Again', and a number of photographs in the very rare 'Hey Jude' aka 'The Beatles Again', songbook). The session for the recording of 'The Fool On The Hill' is most interesting because of the presence of both Rumiko Hoshiko, who was the editor of Japan's Music Life Magazine, (and as she related in her Commentary in the blue insert booklet that accompanied the Shinko Music Co. LTD edition of Bob Whitaker's photo collection, 'The Beatles In Tokyo', had interviewed the group before, in 1965 in London; and attended a recording session for Ticket To Ride, and again in 1966 during their residency at Budo Kan Hall) and (this was the early Fall of 1967 {From the look of John, Paul, George and Ringo's haircuts, this is also the week that Richard Avedon took his Psychedelic Pop Photograph Portraitures of each Beatle; that ended up as the foldout inserts in Look Magazine.}) Yoko Ono listening to John playing his guitar. The Ballad of John and Yoko Photo Sessions are notable not only for Yoko's presence in the group shoot, but also because the photographs are so beautifully taken.


The Beatles On David Frost - 1968

This is an interesting brief clip. Originally shot as the introduction to the promo films for 'Revolution' and 'Hey Jude', it was later edited out. The Beatles playing 'The David Frost Show Theme' and then doing a bizzare take off on the early 60s Elvis Presley single, 'It's Now Or Never'.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8i_rm-Kw0Ok  https://vimeo.com/79853586


This is a Black and White promo film of The Beatles 1966 Psychedelic Masterpiece, 'Rain', A remarkable recording for it's time. Featuring Ringo's very inventive drumming throughout, and Paul's incredible bass playing, they drive John's observance of everyday life through the perception of cyclic changes in climate, to it's powerful conclusion. Like Lennon's Soul inflected Hard Rock hit of the previous year, 'Ticket To Ride', a signpost of things to come.



The Music Of Lennon & McCartney BBC Television Special-1965-Henry Mancini and Esther Phillips

This is part of a wonderful television special The Beatles did in 1965, that included many guests; among them, Henry Mancini and Esther Phillips.


Jimi Hendrix






Carlos Santana

A Spiritual Shaman For All Seasons, who Paints Rainbows with his guitar.


*Today Is Forever

Of Special Mention. A wonderfully detailed and informative site devoted to the one and only Arthur Lee, and the band Love.


Frank Zappa


Dinky Dawson

Sound Technician Extraordinaire. His memoir, 'Life On The Road: The Incredible Rock 'n' Roll Adventures of Dinky Dawson', contains the best and most detailed first hand account of the original Fleetwood Mac.


Pink Floyd

Taking their name from original member Syd Barrett's combination of the names of two Depression era Blues Musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd has quite a history; (e.g. their amazing soundtrack to the late '60s epic and unsettling film, 'More', to jamming with Frank Zappa at the 1969 Actuel Festival of Jazz, Rock and New Music in Amougies, Belgium {before Atom Heart Mother broke them worldwide}).


Absolute Elsewhere


1960's Folk-Rock Links


Tom Monaster


James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti - It's A Man's World


This is the mother of them all!

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