Monday, November 5, 2012

Forever 5th Dimension

Forever Fifth Dimension
Antonio G. Pereira © 2012 Antonio G. Pereira

Biographer Robert-Allan Arno has a marvelous webpage on MySpace devoted to The 5th Dimension. Full of historical information on the original group, current activities of each group member, along with a wealth of wonderfully imaginative and innovative 5th Dimension video productions that are Robert Arno's own creations. Mind boggling, and a pleasure to explore; as there is always something new to read, see and hear.

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TheSouloftheVoice said...

Antonio, what a nice surprise to see your posting on "Forever 5th Dimenison," we are blessed to have just celebrated our 4th Anniversary as well as blessed by the support of the stars of the original group, Miss Marilyn McCoo & hubby, Mr. Billy Davis, Jr, LaMonte McLemore and Florence LaRue and her current 5th Dimension. Of course the 10 year trajectory of The original group is indelible, can anyone say "Up-Up & Away," "Let the Sunshine In," or "One Less Egg to Fry," even "Surry!" without thinking of the "Fab 5"...and yes, LaMonte told me they were "the Black Beatles" in concept! Antonio, you have been such a wonderful friend over these past 4 years, it is an honor to know you and thank you for your thoughtful feedback...always...The 5th Dimension Family appreciates you, too, sir.

Kindest Regards,
Robert-Allan Arno