Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lennon NYC - DVD

Lennon NYC - DVD
Antonio G. Pereira © 2011 Antonio G. Pereira

Lennon NYC A chronological and detailed documentary of John Lennon's life in New York, with wonderful footage from the Ann Arbor John Sinclair Benefit, and what appears to be, footage from the Attica Families Benefit at the Apollo Theatre. Also included is the period he spent out in Los Angeles. Great interviews with musicians and producers who knew him, as well as Yoko Ono, May Pang, Bob Gruen, Dick Cavett and others. John and Yoko's deep love for each other is very evident, all throughout this entire documentary. The Dick Cavett Show footage of John reading Democratic Representative Ron Dellums' letter concerning his song, 'Woman Is The Nigger Of The World', from the album, Sometime In New York City, is as daring and brave now, as it was then; and really upset some folks' comfort level. (I also remember that during this same period, Peter Cook {who at the time, was appearing with Dudley Moore in the long running Broadway production, Good Evening } made some daring statements about the subject of racism on The Dick Cavett Show.) It's very good to see some of the beautiful photographs from May Pang's book, Instamatic Karma, which has been reviewed in an earlier posting on this blog Additionally, here is a very rare interview with her . The photographs of John with a baby Sean (some of which I remember from The John Lennon Exhibition in London in 1988), are very moving. The music in the documentary consists of a lot of outtakes of songs that were on albums. And they are fascinating to hear. Several of them are acoustic versions with just John accompanying himself on guitar, where you get to hear his in-the-process structuring of a song he is composing. (Akin to what was captured in The Beatles Anthology recordings). The hard rock recordings of Yoko, from the period when she was appearing solo at Kenny's Castaways in the 1970s, are very good too. It puts a smile on your face, to hear everyone who was there during the recording of Double Fantasy, talk about what an enjoyable album it was for them to make. As this posting reaches you on John's birthday, this is a documentary that will remind you of not only how much John Lennon contributed, but how much he is a part of everything around us even now, and why. And as for all the women he loved and who loved him, so it will be. It's a good lesson in feeling human. And so...

Thank You to one John Lennon, who was consistently John Lennon.

And remains Forever In Our Hearts.

A Very Happy Birthday To You.


TheSouloftheVoice said...

Antonio, this docu was striking. recently on heartwarming especially being a New Yorker myself and just beginning my media career at the time...heartrending as I clearly remember reporting on John's tragic loss on radio news. But on a brighter note, your savvy, detailed reportage calls to attention the wonderfully expanded/complete version of "Lennon NYC" and thus, this DVD is now on my "must" list, perhaps an early holiday gift to myself...Lennon was a gift and his happiness during this era is what stays in the air, to this day. Thanks always for your great taste and dignified enthusiasm.

Robert-Allan Arno

Healing Lotus said...

Antonio, You did a wonderful job on this piece. I will most certainly be looking for the DVD. Thank you for remembering how much I adore John and sharing this with myself and the rest of the world. Always a joy to read your work. In Light, Dawn