Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inside Job

Inside Job
Antonio G. Pereira © 2011 Antonio G. Pereira

Whatever happened to a country named, The United States of America? The place where there were pastures of plenty. Where a growing Middle Class were thriving. Factories employed tens of thousands, who produced wonderful products. How is it that a miniscule corporate 1% of the population is currently hoarding all of the money, taking jobs overseas (on the cheap), not paying any taxes while doing it, and millions of Americans are out of work, losing their homes (and in many cases) living in tent cities, homeless shelters, and going hungry at night. And the term, 'Middle Class', has become a misnomer, or at best, a pipe dream. And you could be next. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of this monstrosity are riding around scot-free in limousines, instead of doing life in prison. Filmmaker Charles Ferguson's very detailed documentary, 'Inside Job', answers all of these questions, as he traces this real life crime drama, from it's beginnings in the 1980s, to the Global Economic Crisis that broke out near the end of 2008; and of which we are now still experiencing the after.effects. In Special Features, under Deleted Scenes, is an interview with Financial Derivatives Expert, Satyajit Das, that is quite an eye opener; in which he goes on to describe the unsettling and creepy thinking that is prevalent among the cognoscenti in the Insider Trading, Banking and Derivatives fields, who are each a part of the whole disturbing picture of corruption. It's not only the bandits, thieves and pirates you can see, it's the ones you 'can't see', that leave you in total disgust. 'Inside Job', is well worth seeing, more than once. You could be next.


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