Friday, May 7, 2010

Jim Marshall

Antonio G. Pereira © 2010 Antonio G. Pereira

Recently, Jim Marshall passed away suddenly. He was an extraordinarily gifted Photographer. And there was something about him, as a person, that signaled to his photographic subjects, that 'this photographer', was going to put down for posterity, 'correctly', what needed to be documented.
Whether they were Musicians, Civil Rights Workers, struggling Farmers, or people who were neglected and desperately poor, Jim Marshall photographed it for history, and apparently realized very clearly, how much all of this meant.
Just look at the selection on his website: or go to the Internet Archive: and type into the Wayback Machine, and click Take Me Back; to see earlier collections {eg: Jimi Hendrix graciously accepting a flower from a young admirer in Golden Gate Park in 1967, with Mitch Mitchell in the background, understanding what a special moment it was, Hendrix filming a delighted Janis Joplin, and members of Big Brother and The Fugs backstage in Winterland in the Spring of 1968, and Hendrix backstage at Winterland in Oct. of '68 in San Francisco, talking with Black Students, jamming with Taj Mahal, and interacting with Mitch Mitchell, Buddy Miles and Noel Redding.} 'This Photographer', was an unusual human being, touched by something deeply moving and human. He will be greatly missed.

Antonio G. Pereira

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