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The Pipes Of Pan
Antonio G. Pereira © 2009 Antonio G. Pereira

Some of you may remember an album that quietly came out on Rolling Stones Records in 1971 named, Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan at Joujouka. Rolling Stones Records - COC 49100. One can consider that had he lived longer, Brian Jones might have done for North African Folk Music, what George Harrison did for East Indian Folk Music; and what Taj Mahal has been doing for many decades for the diverse forms of Folk Music in North America, the Caribbean and West Africa.

In 1972, a second album was released on Adelphi Records named, The Master Musicians Of Jajouka. Adelphi Records - AD 3000. Included with the album, was an insert with liner notes by Music Journalist Robert Palmer, and Artist/Painter Brion Gysin.

This posting is for the Musicians of Joujouka.

Last year, on July 29th of 2008, The Musicians of Joujouka performed a concert in commemoration and remembrance of a young Welshman named Brian Jones, who loved music, and walked into their small village 40 years before; and because of whom, 40 years later, was instrumental in pasting The Master Musicians of Joujouka into the memories and hearts of music lovers and admirers around the world.

May their talent continue to bring us all wonderful inspiration and pleasure for many more years to come.


The Musicians have several wonderful, fascinating and informative sites on the Internet, which are listed below; and a real enjoyment to explore.

Finally, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention these other fantastic albums on Lyrichord Records, which also feature Moroccan Folk Music.

Music of Morocco: The Pan-Islamic Tradition - Lyrichord Stereo LLST 7240

The Rwais: Moroccan Berber Musicians From The High Atlas - Lyrichord Stereo - LLST 7316

Moroccan Sufi Music: Islamic Mystical Brotherhood - Lyrichord Stereo - LLST 7238

Moroccan Folk Music - Lyrichord Stereo LLST 7729

Enjoy Them All.

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