Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dictionary Be Bop Blues or Sunday In The Quicksand With George

Dictionary Be Bop Blues
Sunday In The Quicksand With George
Antonio G. Pereira © 1988, 2001, 2008 Antonio G. Pereira


The Fickle Public's Farblungent Photographic Imagination's

Idea of me is a Fool's Fantasy

Fictitiously Figuring that I am far out while

Funky Times are upon us is similar to setting

A Phaser on stun and pointing it at hoping you

Don't look two faced but you are my fellow americans

Fellow Americans?

Fleecing Me of every phenomenon I fantasized

And philandering me with a phlebitic philistine

Philosophy that even Tom, Dick and Harry couldn't

Be fooled with by the next fast talking, phony

Phi Betta Kappa philadelphia lawyer politician

Proselytizing phantasmagorical delusions of

Grandeur Act II.

Modus Operandi being a no count no good fictitious

Face-Saving, flagwaving, filthy apple pie overdone to

Perfection convincingly silver tounged 2 dollar throughbred

Corporately creaming over a nation of nitwits

Spread evenly, and thinking they're awake in ecstasy

When in reality they're really fast asleep, Oh Say

Can you see aren't we the beautiful people bossa nova.

Usually waking up when it's too late on time, I smell your

Breath, I smell your armpits, your family smells around

the dinner table, patriot preaching ferret to ferret of

Far off lands across the city, across the world

Away from you, far, far away

As far away from you as they can get

Far, far away

As far as the eye can see

Far, far away, away

Far, far away, away

Far, far away, away

Far Far Away

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